Carpet Cleaning Teams

Are you not a fan of cleaning your carpets? If you are just like most people and like having carpets because of their colours or the cosiness they bring into your home but you do not want to deal with their cleaning, you need to call our company. Your carpets need professional cleaning, and most manufacturers recommend once or twice a year, or more depending on how much wear your carpets get. We are a company that offers affordable and quite efficient carpet cleaning in Greater London.

At our company you will find reasonable prices, friendly and vetted professional cleaners and results that will meet your needs. Everyone needs carpet cleaning and if your carpets have not been cleaned properly in a long time, you need to call us right away.

Not cleaning your carpets does not only mean that they will get a ton of dust beneath the surface but also this can lead to the appearing of dust mites which is a huge problem and once you get them there is rarely any solution to the problem other than getting a new carpet. But with regular professional cleaning, this and many more problems with your carpets can be prevented.

Our carpet cleaning service includes all cleaning products and machines (steam cleaning machines and eco-friendly cleaning products). Everything is provided by our company and is included in our price, which makes our carpet cleaning services unrivalled in Greater London.

Our team will vacuum your carpet or carpets first, then after a closer inspection, they will determine if there are spots or soil that need to be pre-conditioned. After the treatment of the carpets, the final step will be steam cleaning. You do not have to worry about that. Our teams have vast knowledge and experience in carpet cleaning and the various carpet fabrics. They will not leave any damages to your carpets.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

  • Landing Carpet
    from £4
  • Bedroom Carpet
    from £23
  • Livingroom Carpet
    from £25
  • Sofa - Two Seat
    from £30
  • Sofa – Three Seat
    from £45
  • Upholstered Armchair
    from £18
  • Flight of Stairs
    from £25
  • *Minimum call out charge of £55.

Our prices are budget-friendly, our cleaners are trained experts. What is more, our service is offering you the possibility for an application of a scotchguard protector and a deodorisation of your carpets for an additional fee.

Please have in mind that we cannot guarantee the removal of all the stains!