Jet Washing

We are a reputable cleaning company that has been operating in London for many long years. Since our establishment we have been doing the best we can to provide tenants, landlords and private homeowners with effective and satisfying cleaning and maintaining services.

We pride ourselves on the jet washing service we designed. It is one of our customers’ favourites because it is not only very affordable but very effective as well.

If your garden is already presentable and beautiful but the look of your driveway or patio is not so satisfying, we offer you to give our jet washing service a chance. We promise to provide you with the most professional service you have ever booked!

Our service will bring your outside space back to looking its best. All you need to do is get in touch with us and we will schedule you an appointment at time convenient for you. We operate any day of the week and you can even find us on weekends and bank holidays.

Our cleaning equipment

Jet washing Services

  • Jet Washing
    from £2.5per sqm

    Our company has invested in the most advanced jet washing technology so that we can overcome all obstacles during the sessions. We do know how to take the best care of your driveway or patio utilising only top-of-the-line high pressure water jet cleaners and leave any area presentable and clean.

    We pride ourselves on the cleaning jobs we do! Our jet washing service is very fairly priced so that more people can afford to use it without them having to worry about their budget.

    Place your trust in our specialists because they know how to deep clean and bring back to their finest a range of surfaces! Let us deliver you the best long-term outcome!

    We believe that the driveway’s look plays an important role in making a good impression in your guests. It is why it is highly desirable for it to be well-maintained and well taken care of.

    What we advise you is to try to keep on top of maintaining it. You will see for yourself that this will make a significant difference to the overall look of your home.

    Take advantage of our jet washing service right away! We always do our best to leave our customers happy and satisfied with the outcome. Give us a chance to amaze you and we will not let you down.