How many people will be in my house during each cleaning?

Our company may send one, two or three cleaners to clean your home. Our mission is to deliver a cleaning session that will meet our customer’s needs and requirements. We will work with you so that you know how many housekeepers will be cleaning your home. We know that your home is private and we respect that.

If I book your regular cleaning service, will the same housekeeper be in my home each time?

We do everything within our power to ensure that we keep the same cleaner who serves your home cleans during each visit. If your cleaner is sick or away, we will contact you beforehand to learn if you prefer to change your appointment or would rather have someone else do the cleaning.

What time will your cleaners arrive?

If you would like our cleaners to be at your house at a specific time, please make sure to inform us, because we clean homes during the day and it happens to encounter things that may delay our arrival.

If there is a problem, who can I call?

If there is a problem, we want to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we will work quickly to correct the problem.

Do you bring your own cleaning equipment for the end of tenancy cleaning service?

Yes, we bring everything we need to deep clean your rented home. You do not have to provide a thing! We take care of everything.

What are your rates?

We understand that every home is unique which is why we base our pricing on a number of factors. To get an accurate price estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.